William Heidbreder is a writer, editor, and translator who lives in New York.  He received his Bachelor of Arts, with highest honors, in English literature from the University of California at Berkeley.  He also holds a License (Bachelor’s Degree) from the Université de Paris IV/Sorbonne in Philosophy.  His interests include “Continental” (German, French, and Italian) philosophy since roughly Kant and more particularly since 1968; and postwar European cinema.  He also likes to kvetch about American society, fragments of which can be found on this site.

Since 2006, he has been owner, manager, and chief editor of Academic English Editing, an Internet-based business provided editing and consulting services to students, graduate students, and professors writing scholarly texts of any length, in any field, in English, for leading universities throughout the United States and the world.  Many of his company’s clients are foreign students or scholars speaking English as a Second Language.  William himself specializes in the humanities and qualitative social sciences but has done extensive work in other fields as well, including quantitative and experimental social science, business, law, and other fields.  His firm also edits CVs/resumes and cover letters, as well as business and government documents of all kinds, and William has a particular specialty in personal statements for admission to graduate and professional schools in the US and the English-speaking world, and has helped people get admitted at some of the top programs in their field.  See www.academicenglishediting.com for more information.  For inquiries for editing or employment, please contact editor@academicenglishediting.com.

A writer in both English and French and with degrees from leading universities in both France and the US in writing-heavy fields, William also does translations from French to English, specializing in non-fiction prose of any kind.

When not otherwise occupied, he enjoys living in New York and being able to see films, plays, art exhibits and otherwise partake of the cultural life in the world’s most diverse metropolis, where the courageous among us fear neither anomie nor l’ennui.